Do you have a child who has a strength? My youngest loves art & numbers. Together, this is a wonderful combination.

Art has been a help in terms of colour recognition & making new colours with paint & finding what colours mix together can create.

R has a wonderful imagination with painting & drawing – he has done many paintings such as painted shark feet with googly eyes to hot air balloon painting from the distance.

Painting by numbers is also another classic. We purchase sets from The Works & TK Maxx; they are so inexpensive & I have picked up two for R’s Christmas stocking (Christmas themed of course!)

Now, onto maths. My child is a wiz with numbers. He can count up-to 50 & recognises numbers just by sight. He can do simple addition & subtraction independently & our aim is to get R to recognise numbers through letter form – this will be done at his pace.

I am a firm believer that if a child is good at something, to continue. Don’t stop. It doesn’t cause any harm & in fact feeds the mind. R’s brother is also a mathematician so they both share that bond of counting & maths challenges I set them, which they really enjoy.

Does your child have any strengths?


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