I chose to start my blog back up to share our home education journey.

I had already decided to home educate my youngest child way before the School Admissions forms (to apply for a school place) were kindly delivered from the post man & without any hesitation, met the recycling bin.

It was a very easy decision; I have previously posted a video on my YouTube channel the reasonings as to why I will Home Educate R which you can Watch here

The original decision was to “home school” R & to set a school routine however his older siblings still attend school & therefore we wouldn’t get home until at least 9.30am & we would have to leave for 14.40pm to collect them – that barely gave us time for any formal learning, lunch & breaks, not to mention day trips.

R loves numbers & work sheets however struggles with reading. He is also an artist in the making. So my main focus is to get him to enjoy letters & use them in day-to-day activities. We enjoy visiting the library every week which is an added bonus. If you haven’t already & you are a home educator, enquire at your local library as many offer a Home Educators library pass where you can borrow a few more books, DVD’s at no additional cost & if you’re late returning you don’t get charged. You can thank me later!

R loves being outdoors which led me to thinking about the Unschooling approach. Legally we don’t need to begin our Home Education journey until April 2020, but he wants to learn & it doesn’t harm him; besides.. I have taught him what he knows since he’s been born!

Hopefully it will give other Home Ed families some inspiration, idea’s & somewhere to relate.


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