It’s very rare in this house hold to find a board game they all enjoy. But we have found a brand which does exactly that.

We stumbled across Orchard Toys (would you believe it?) at a charity shop. The first game we picked up was Rockets & Comets which has been a firm favourite since. Ever since, we have found so many more & ordered a few from Amazon. Other games we have are: Party, Party, Party! Tell The Time, King of the Castle & Greedy Gorilla.

What I didn’t realise was that Orchard Toys don’t just sell games, but also colouring books & jigsaws! To my sons delight, I ordered him the 50-piece dinosaur floor puzzle. As a parent, I enjoy that it is a fun interactive game but also, all of the games are educational.

Here is R playing Tell The Time. We spoke about the time, learning to tell the time but also implementing a routine. On the boards, you have a familiar routine as you would at home which is great. We spoke about bedtime, going out for a walk & usual activities we do at home.

If you are thinking of buying a gift for Christmas, or for an upcoming birthday I would thoroughly recommend buying a game from Orchard Toys. They are so reasonably priced & if your children are anything like mine, on a cold winters night it is a wonderful way to settle down before bed & enjoy each other’s company.


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